The initial course splits into two days and is structured as required by BKSA.

Below is a breakdown of the two days and what you can expect from each day.

Day 1

The main aim of Day 1

  • Introduce people of all ages to the fun of flying kites.
  • Introduce some independent skills using small foil kites and L.E.I. (Leading Edge Inflatable) Kites.
  • 1-1 learning, with a max of 2-1


This is what we’ll cover in Day 1

Level 1 Introduction to Kite Flying Part


1: Basic kite handling Part


2: LEI rigging launching and basic flying Part


3: Basic body dragging, generating power Part


4: directional body dragging, control and self rescue



Pricing for Day 1 is -

Kids 10-16 year old - £15 per hour for up to six hours divided into 2-3 hour sessions

Adults 16+ - £20 per hour for up to six hours divided into 2-3 hour sessions

Day 2

For Day two we will be tackling the following -



Level 2 Introduction to the board


Part 1: Introduction to boards and board start technique


Part 2: First board starts


Part 3. First rides including prolonged power delivery


Part 4- Independent kiteboarding Riding with others


Pricing for this is -

Kids - £15 per hour

Adults - £20 per hour


If you have been asked to fill in any forms and return them, you will find them below.


Medical Questionnaire

Parental Consent

Student Registration

Release of Liability