What is a kitesurfer?

A kitesurfer uses a traction kite to propel him or her across the water.

The engine is the kite and the wheels are the board that come in many shapes and forms.

The handles are your control bar and lines that differ in length from 10m to 40m with many different safety systems available. The sport is wind dependant and it is possible to achieve awesome speeds and great heights in jumps without the need for strong winds and waves.

YouTube is no substitute for learning under any circumstances. Attempting to rig, launch and fly a powerful kite will cause injuries and sometimes worse.

Taking up affordable lessons with us will point you in the right direction with laughs all the way.

Gone are the days of old school kiters with no teeth and self taught nutters limping along the beach with broken bones and horror stories that make the Inbetweeners look scary. Kiteboarding has evolved into new school professionalism with safety and new top end of the market engines (kites) and wheels (boards, control bars and lines) and handles. This keeps everyone who wants to try the sport safe FROM INJURY