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Earnse Bay Kitesurfing

Surfing the Community Earnse Bay Kitesurfing is based on the North end of Walney Island, 1 of the most windiest and most scenic places in the Uk.

looking out from the Surf school you will see the Island man out to the West and the English Lake District to the North a very stunning kitesurfing destination.

Earnse Bay Kitesurfing

Welcome to Surfing the community Earnse Bay Kitesurfing.


Chris the principle of the school is a senior approved kitesurfing instructor with over 20 years of flying kites . I am offering individual, or 2-1 tuition in kitesurfing. We have recently been awarded an Adventure Activities License through the Adventure Activities Licensing Authority/Health & Safety Executive  (AALA/HSE) which allows us to teach children of all age kitesurfing and stand up paddleboarding. This is a huge step in our mission to give all age groups a chance to learn what these amazing sports have to offer.

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Kitesports are amazing

They’re fun, fast, exciting and very quick to learn. That said, like anything this good they take time to master, so unless you’re a natural kitesports superhero you’ll have your share of spills (and thrills). The trick is to keep trying. If you’re not getting anywhere, go back another day and try again. You’ll get there eventually.


Our Equipment

We value your safety and our the only kites we use are Peter Lynn.

Peter Lynn

Wing Sup is definitely the new Beach sport on Earnse Bay Beach this coming season. A mixture of Kitesurfing Land boarding, Windsurfing, but easier to learn than all three. It’s so new it doesn’t even have a proper name yet; Winging It, Wing foil, Foil-wing, Wing surf, Hand Wing, Wing ding, who cares, Its awesome! This is what the watersport world has been waiting for. A compact wind sport with a short learning curve that has the adrenaline buzz we have been waiting for. Using the latest equipment on the Market along with qualified expert tuition, we can help everybody with their first steps of reaching the Wing Foil and Kitesurfing journey of their lives.

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FIVE STEPS TO BECOMING A KITESURFER UNDER 18S KIDS Chris and his instructors will make sure every single student of yours is not only kept safe, but able to make safe decisions themselves. Becoming a Kitesurfer is all about safety and understanding. These 5 steps that Chris has come up with will get your students riding like a true kitesurfer instead of being left in limbo with the intense 2 day tuition course that is intended for adults only Kitesurfing Tuition 1 £60 Tuition 1 will teach you how to fly a kite, learn how to set up a leading-edge inflatable kite and how to carry out your first beach risk assessment. In just one 3-hour tuition you will become confident in flying the LEI kite, comfortable setting up the kite and understand how it works. The students will only enter the water on the first tuition day if the instructor feels its beneficial to do so on the day With knowledge and kite flying skills covered in this first 3-hour tuition the student will be ready to hit the water in tuition two straight away. Kitesurfing Tuition 2 £60 At the start of this lesson, the student will show what they can remember about set-up and safety from tuition 1. The students will need to learn the self-rescue and deep-water pack down before heading out to perform body dragging techniques, the pack-down will learn to keep them safe. This essential skill needs to be practised until the instructor is satisfied with the student's competency. Every single kiter has had to perform one for one reason or another such as. broken lines, tangled kite, squails, increased wind speed! The student will then head into the water to start their body dragging skills. These are controlled movements with the kite to pull themselves along in different directions. Kitesurfing Tuition 3 £60 Introducing the board to the student - time for the adrenaline to start pumping! Every student will progress at different rates but our experienced instructors will make sure no matter what level you are at, you will be making steps forward. What you have learnt in just three kitesurfing lessons will get you close to riding and becoming independent. Kitesurfing Tuition 4 £60 We will focus on board skills and the student will start to get more consistent rides in and notice they are improving their kite skills and confidence with every hour of tuition. Kitesurfing Tuition 5 £60 Final tuition day to focus on your riding skills. We will be looking at change of direction skills, if the student is up to speed and if we are not getting to grips then the instructors will keep working on techniques to make you understand your next steps and help tailor your final stages of learning to help you reach your goals.

  • Qualifications

    B.K.S.A. approved kitesurfing instructor

    Qualified Powerboat Level 2

    Marine First Aid

    CRB/DBS Checked

    AALA Approved

  • B.K.S.A.

    For more information on kitesurfing in the uk, 
    check out British Kitesports, the appointed National Governing Body for Kitesurfing and other kitesports in the UK.

    British Kitesports

  • Vouchers Available

    We can do vouchers for full courses, or an hour at a time. Ideal gifts for people that want to try it.